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Calin Daniel Marioara

Senior Research Scientist

Calin Daniel Marioara

Senior Research Scientist

Calin Daniel Marioara
Phone: 982 83 908
Mobile: 982 83 908
Department: Materials and Nanotechnology
Office: Trondheim

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Transmission Electron Microscopy of Precipitate Free Zones in Aluminium Alloys Subjected to Uniaxial Compression

Efficient design of structures and prototypes made from age-hardenable aluminium alloys requires detailed knowledge about the various deformation mechanisms at play. Most well-known is the precipitate hardening mechanism in which metastable precipitates formed during annealing provide obstacles for ...

Authors Christiansen Emil Marioara Calin Daniel Hopperstad Odd Sture Holmestad Randi
Year 2016
Type Presentation

The effect of Cu and Ge additions on strength and precipitation in a lean 6xxx aluminium alloy

It has been demonstrated that the strength loss in a lean Al-Mg-Si alloy due to solute reduction could be compensated by back-adding a lower at % of Ge and Cu. Nanosized precipitate needles which are the main cause of strength in these alloys, and material hardness has been correlated to parameters ...

Authors Mørtsell Eva Anne Marioara Calin Daniel Andersen Sigmund Jarle Røyset Jostein Reiso Oddvin Holmestad Randi
Year 2015
Type Journal article
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