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Advanced materials characterization and modeling

Advanced materials characterization and modeling

Our ability to develop improved or new materials and processes relies to a large extent on the experimental and theoretical research tools that are available. These tools are necessary in order to describe and understand the relationship between the structure and composition of a material, its processing parameters and its properties. They are also often used to understand why materials degrade and/or fail in service.

SINTEF has access to a wide range of state-of-the art characterization equipment and modelling tools, through own laboratories or through partnerships with other research institutions, like the national research infrastructure facilities NORTEM (Norwegian Centre for Transmission Electron Microscopy) and NICE (National Surface and Interface Characterisation Laboratory).

We offer expertise on:

  • Atomistic, microstructural, thermodynamic and multi-scale modelling
  • High resolution structural analysis via SEM/TEM and associated techniques as well as X-ray diffraction/absorption.
  • Surface chemical and compositional analysis via XPS, AES, SIMS, GD-MS and GD-OES.
  • High precision topographic analysis via AFM, WLI.
  • Chemical/structural analysis of single and mixed phase materials with NMR.
  • Chemical analysis with LC/GC/FTICR-MS

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