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Major projects

Centre for environmentfriendly energy research (FME)
The objective of the scheme is to establish time-limited research centres which conduct concentrated, focused and long-term research of high international calibre in order to solve specific challenges in the field.

    International CCS Research Centre

Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI)
SFI scheme strengthens innovation by supporting long-term research in close cooperation between R & D performing companies and prominent research.

  • DrillWell
    Drilling and well centre for improved recovery
  • FACE (Finished)
    The Multiphase Flow Assurance Centre)
  • IO Center
    Center for Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry

About us

SINTEF Petroleum Research concentrates on improving the profitable, environmentally friendly and safe mapping and recovery of national and international petroleum resources. We are located in Trondheim and Bergen. The number of employees are 90, and our annual turnover is NOK 171 million (2016).

Our strategic focus is on:

  • CO2 - Storage
  • Drilling and Well
  • Exploration
  • Improved Recovery
  • Multiphase Transport
Photo: SINTEF/Thor Nielsen
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Contact us

SINTEF Petroleum AS (SINTEF Petroleum Research)


Trondheim (Main office)

Switchboard: +47 464 17 000

Postal address: P.O. Box 4763 Torgarden, NO-7465 Trondheim
Visiting address: S.P. Andersens vei 15 B, NO-7031 Trondheim
Invoice address: c/o Fakturamottak, P.O. Box 4515, NO-8608 MO I RANA

Enterprise No.: 936 882 331 MVA


Switchboard: +47 464 17 000

Postal address: Thormøhlens gate 53 C, NO-5006 Bergen
Visiting address: Thormøhlens gate 53 C, NO-5006 Bergen (Marineholmen)

Multiphase Flow Laboratory (Tiller)

Switchboard: +47 464 17 000

Postal address: P.O. Box 4763 Torgarden, NO-7465 Trondheim
Visiting address: Tillerbruvegen 200, NO-7092 Tiller