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Software and Service Innovation
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Published November 6, 2014

The Department for Software and Service Innovation works on the next generation interconnected and digitalized solutions.

We are facing the "Digital Age" with digitalization of products and processes in terms of servitization. Hence, we access and interact with these solutions anytime and from anywhere we like. Even our physical surroundings undergo digitalization and become Cyber Physical Systems integrated with both back office systems and smart front ends to keep Humans-in-the-Loop, typically exemplified by sectors such as Manufacturing (e.g., Industry 4.0), Mobility (e.g., Intelligent Transport Systems), Energy (e.g., Smart Grid), etc. 

People use digital solutions for a whole range of everyday tasks, ranging from important financial transactions through cooperating with others to home entertainment. These solutions put great demands on how they are engineered, how they are secured and can be trusted, and not least how they become human centric and give good user experiences. NSaS works on all these aspects, so visit our Research Areas for more details below:

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