The aim of SafeNano Norway is to create a self-sustaining national network for industry and scientists to develop safe nanotechnology and increase public confidence in nanoproducts.





  • To facilitate knowledge transfer
  • To create a forum in which discussion of ideas takes place
  • To address challenges and concerns regarding nanomaterials
  • To provide an opportunity for people involved in nanomaterial safety to meet

This website is designed to offer a source of general information regarding the current knowledge of human and environmental interactions with nanomaterials.

The SafeNano Norway initiative is a venture part funded by the Research Council of Norway (NANOMAT program) and a group of leading research institutions and universities. The initiative is designed to help industrial and academic communities quantify and control the risks to their workforce, as well as to consumers, the general population and the environment, through both information provision and active research.


Recent Articles and News



  • Conference and workshop on nanotechnology in health and medical technology organised by the Research Council of Norway. 27th of October in Lysaker, Norway.





  • Dissemination & integration outputs on computational methods for toxicological risk assessment of engineered nanoparticles.The CompNanoTox 2015 conference will take place 4th-6th November in Malaga, Spain. More details here.



NanoSafety Cluster Meeting

  • The  NanoSafety Cluster Meeting will take place in the context of MARINA-NanoValid Conference30th September (14:00-18:00) at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France.




International Cooperations

The BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is an Austrian scientific network that specializes in the key enabling technologies nanotechnology and biotechnology on a national and international basis, with the emphasis on (1) nanotoxicology, (2) sensortechnologies, as well as (3) health, safety, medicine, and additionally supports projects in coordination, management, dissemination and communication.

The BioNanoNet GmbH has the clear aim of driving innovative interdisciplinary research by supporting the cooperation by bringing together scientific experts to gain critical mass for thematic areas, to initiate, set up and manage national as well as international research projects.

BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

Elisabethstraße 11a, A-8010 Graz, T +43 (0)316 841 266 0,


Andy Booth (website coordinator)
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry