MRST - MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox

The Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox

The MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST) is developed by SINTEF Applied Matemathics.

Version 2015a was released on the 12th of May 2015, and can be downloaded under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Announcement: Vacant PhD position in Computational Geosciences.
Deadline: October 30 2015


About MRST

The toolbox consists of two main parts:

  • a core offering basic functionality, and
  • a set of add-on modules offering discretizations, solvers, and workflow tools.

MRST is mainly intended as a toolbox for rapid prototyping and demonstration of new simulation methods and modeling concepts on unstructured grids. Despite this, many of the tools are quite efficient and can be applied to surprisingly large and complex models. For more computationally challenging cases, we are developing C-accelerated backends or standalone C++ solutions as part of the Open Porous Media (OPM) initiative.

MRST has a large user base: each of the last releases has between 700 and 1100 unique downloads.


If you use MRST to write a scientific publication, we request that you cite the MRST book or one of our overview papers: