Building and Infrastructure

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is a leading international research institute. We solve challenges linked to the entire construction process.

The institute offers specialist expertise in technical fields ranging from architecture and construction physics to the management, operation and maintenance of buildings, water supply and other forms of infrastructure.

Products and services

We generate wealth both for our clients and society as a whole by means of research and development, research-based expert consultancy, certification and knowledge dissemination. One of our key goals is to make a contribution to the sustainable
development of the industry.

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is Norways leading disseminator of research-based knowledge to the construction industry. By means of our knowledge systems, publishing house and the SINTEF Certification system, we have established a unique knowledge dissemination platform which serves the greater part of the industry. Close dialogue with the industry gives us a deep understanding of our clients’ current and future needs.

Extensive collaboration with NTNU, leading companies and other research partners participating in both the domestic and global markets, together with optimal utilisation of our laboratories, all provide an important foundation for our activities.

Through The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB) and our centre for researchbased innovation, Concrete Innovation Centre (COIN), we are developing new solutions for the built environment of the future. By means of a broad spectrum of other projects, we have developed methods and technical solutions for energy efficient buildings, as well as buildings and infrastructure which are adapted to the challenges presented by future climate change.

In Europe, the building sector represents over 40 % of all greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is also in this sector that measures to reduce the emissions will have the greatest effect. Developing zero emission buildings – buildings with extremely low energy requirements and a zero net climate footprint – is therefore an extremely important climate measure which can contribute to solve many of the challenges we are facing. 

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